At home in Africa and Asia these travelers of the compass rose, are resident in Brunei Darussalam, from where they organize Eco-expeditions through wild Borneo (DDL Tour-operators). Penan nomads, kerosene lamps, snakes, crocs and leeches, and wild water boating, are as common as a speed up to Palawan Interior just for the sake of the Taot Batu, the last of the cave people.

They scuba dive or Parasail, and if nothing else “kick” some landmines at the Berm wall in the Spanish Sahara. They walked the Camino trail, a 600 km, to greet Santiago de Compostella, Climb the Mt. Kinabalu 20 times over, and the Mt. Kilimanjaro for the visit Brunei year 2001. But now in 2007 an event took place which Pfileas Fogg and even Ibn Batuta the famous Muslim traveler would have described as an overland voyage of gargantuan task.

Driving solo from Cape Town, South Africa to the Mediterranean Sea and Europe, then following the traders on the silk route towards the rising sun, to reach one day, wild Borneo and peaceful Brunei, their home again. One would think, such a daunting expedition can only be achieved with technical support as seen on famous rallies. But quiet on the contrary, Harun and Norhayati travel alone.

After 11 month on road, they ended their flawless journey of 52.000 km through 37 countries   in May 2008, traveling from Cape Town in South Africa via Europe to Borneo. They had a triumphal welcome on a Sunday morning, when arriving in Brunei again.

In July 2009, both adventurer set out once more to traverse all lands laying before them, on     their conquest to circumnavigate our planet. Coming from Vladivostok, heading first towards   Europe, they will direct “JAMBO” their vehicle and companion southerly through Africa once more. From the cold shores of South Africa turning westbound into the Americas, as far as the continents reach, and find – with the Almighty’s blessing- their way home again, one day in the distant future.

This Solo expedition will demand the ultimate from them and their machine. On their way overcoming unknown dangers, be it man himself or just Snow- and Sandstorms, Permafrost or desert for a 1000 miles. Completing this task will catapult the travelers up to the very few humans, which dared and succeeded in such an undertaking.

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